Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dead Weight

I pound upon these walls
"please let me out of here"
I drag my chain and ball
my days turn into years

Scratching at the door
pleading for redemption
bare is the floor
the bed that I sleep on.

Each picture shows a frown
a framed reminder of my mistake
I turn them all face down
not to forget what is at stake.

My body hurts all over
blood drenched fingertips
My face has grown over
chapped and cracked are my lips

Not even a sip or taste of life
have I drank in oh so long
I dream days gone by
and try to sing a song

Yet the melodies escape me
not a hint of happiness here
this place I've created
bringing to life my own fears

The sun shines so seldom
when it does it burns all
a flame of death to scorch them
those who came to fall

My feet are worn tender
I pace both day and night
to ponder a thought of genius
free me from my life

I forgive yet not forgiven
believe yet not believed in
a horrid task to be driven
to condemn a man so convicted

I pray now not for myself
a hopeless cause to all who know
I beg of mercy for them
who are approaching now so slow

This prison is not hell
but still a state of mind
when yea hear a silent yell
with perfect vision become so blind.

Still I scratch at these walls
pleading for redemption
Idrag my chain and ball
my self-inflicted convictions.

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