Saturday, June 26, 2010

No Strings Attached

"I've got to go now"
words spoken too often
she bends, a kiss on his forehead
as she closes the door softly

"Things are moving to slow now"
Thinking to herself
She glances at her reflection
She has her youth, her health...

He will wake without her
Wonder what may have came
With wiskey and opportunity,
He will never know her shame

The day will pass so quietly
Knowing actions so impulsive
Walking away without dignity
Leaves little room for emotion

If only we keep ourselves busy
We will forget our troublesome past
For as one night they surely loved
Yet only one night their love would last

He feels no reason to oblige her
No need to call her name
Last night was all about her
"But sweety, this is today"

She sits this night at home
Arms tight around her chest
Legs covered, all alone
Showing her worst, she did her best

He will never feel it
The pain she holds inside
Another night, another girl
As this one begins to cry

Why can he not show me
A sign to carry on
All I ask is to be free
From a midnight call on his phone

He knows she is always there
He can look her in the eyes
His heart in a thousand yard stare
Making her believe every lie.

"I'm sorry i have to go now"
Once again her lips whisper
Another night, a lonely girl
Never again will he call her.

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